Who needs truth when you have press releases?

19 Mar

On TC yesterday: Project Mosul Aims to Resurrect the Artifacts Destroyed by ISIS.

The video circulated around the 26th of February, 2015 shows the horrific destruction of the Mosul Museum by ISIS Fighters. This is not the first time this museum has suffered during times of conflict, but the destruction is nearly absolute, and this time we can respond through the application of digital technologies to cultural heritage.We assume that much of the museum’s contents were looted, and anything small enough to be easily removed will be appearing soon on the antiquities market. Anything too large to remove for sale, appears to have met a violent end at the hand of ISIS extremists.

Two weeks ago on OTM: the damaged artifacts were mostly replicas.

experts took a closer look and found that, actually, many (though not all) of the Mosul Museum artifacts were plaster fakes, the originals having been carted away in anticipation of such vandalism. Mostafa Heddaya is a senior writer for ArtInfo.com.

This feels like a new level in organizations piggybacking their goals and publicity on the back of disasters.


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