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Art this weekend

11 Oct

We bravely hit up three different art festivals this weekend. What follows are crappy phone pics and notes about what caught my attention.


Captivating creepy photos of skeletons in various spaces by Marc Da Cunha Lopes. More on his website.

Adorable monsters painted on wood and other reappropriated material by Mateo Dineen. More on his website.

ABC – art berlin contemporary.

A magical video projection called “Cruising” by Matthew Weinstein.

Surreal moving images titled “Cadavres Exquis Vivants” by BitteBitteJaJa.

Short films I liked at ABC were “EXIT, 2008” by Sharon Lockhart, and “Territorial Pissing” by NUG.

art forum
Art Forum was packed with amazing art and I only saw half of it. Here are by-no-means-exhaustive snippets of what I managed to note.

Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs: “The Great Unreal” – full of haunting, only very slightly surreal images. For actual good images, see this link.

Laurenz Berges – “haunting” and “lonely” are cliche keywords, but that is what comes to mind. More images here.

Axel Huette – I love this guy’s landscapes. artnet link.

Martin Liebscher – what you can’t see is that this is actually an insanely prolific composite/collage of the same guy filling the entire space. Here’s a link to a better image of this photograph on Liebscher’s website.

Maix Mayer – this picture doesn’t do the photo much justice. Here’s a link to more about Mayer.

And to top it all off, the exhibition grounds for art forum and ABC (Messe Berlin) were also beautiful.